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Hi, I’m Rachel, the founder of Radiant Jewels.


I created this jewelry business to help inspire self-love, inner beauty, and radiance. The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize everyone is going through things behind closed doors, which is why kindness is so important.


We all have our own stories, and our own pathways paved with resilience, on the road to becoming our most radiant self. By bedazzling yourself in radiant jewelry, you can feel more radiant, in turn. Hence the name, Radiant Jewels. Self-love, confidence, and inner transformation are the cornerstones of this brand. Allow yourself to absorb the magic of jewelry, as you dive into the story of how Radiant Jewels was born.

- Rachel

Our Story

One summer's night, in 2022, Rachel thought to herself how wonderful the memories of her making jewelry as a child with her mother were. From beading bracelets with special light pink crystals the Tooth Fairy had brought her in a tiny jar with a tiny magenta bow attached to the rim, to taking jewelry classes caging stones and bunching together a variety of eclectic beads, jewelry has always held a special place in Rachel's heart. 

Namely, its transformative ability being one element that makes bedazzling yourself in jewelry extra special. She noticed - ever since she was little - that adorning herself in sparkly gemstones and chunky colorful rings, would instantly make her feel fancy and like a new person. Like a radiant new version of herself who could take on the world with a confidence similar to the type that her favorite barbies Liana and Alexa had while wearing their matching heart necklaces in Barbie and the Diamond Castle. 


This transformative quality of jewelry shows up for people at a much older age, as well, whether we realize it or not. Jewelry has a timeless look, making people of all ages feel like more radiant versions of themselves.

Rachel began noticing themes uncovering themselves in her life, including the meaning of the word: Radiant. As a yearbook note, one of her classmates wrote: "You are a radiant beam of energetic and compassionate sunlight that never fails to inspire optimism and positivity into the lives of others". She began looking at the world around her, seeing that the most magical individuals are the ones who exude a sense of radiance with the world. A sort of excitement and joy about life that makes others feel energized and alive. Even the sun itself is known for the radiant beams it shines on the world to nourish plants and people.


Further, as she got older, Rachel continued running into individuals who had the most remarkable and simultaneously heartbreaking stories of resilience turned to radiance. This idea and universal truth that everyone has gone through more than meets the eye, and has struggled behind closed doors, made Rachel realize the ultimate goal of every individual whether they know it, or not: to unlock their truest, most beautiful, radiant, ever-evolving versions of themselves. 

This can be done several ways, by meditating, journaling, exercising, fashion, academia, reading, and other up-leveling practices that change the game of your life and set you up to be the most authentic version of yourself, and to share your light with the world. Another way this can be worked towards, is through jewelry. Surely adorning yourself in radiant jewelry, can make you feel more radiant, in turn.  


Radiance changes the game. 

This idea clicked on that summer's night for Rachel, and she immediately began creating her logo. She settled on pink as her brand color due to several qualities it is associated with: self- love, femininity, youthfulness, compassion, empathy, emotional healing, sweetness, delicacy, affection, sensitivity, kindness, love, breast cancer awareness, romance, and having a caring heart. She thought that by combining her love for jewelry with her passion for spreading a mission of self-love - ever since her TEDx talk at age eleven about self-love and inner beauty - that she could help make a difference in inspiring people to love themselves. 

Regardless of what others think of you, becoming the most radiant version of yourself is essential to loving yourself and leading with light in this world. By wearing Radiant Jewels, you can embody this mission through beautiful jewelry, and this way of life. Wear Radiant, and become more radiant.

That's how Radiant Jewels was born.



On my mission to inspire radiance, I started my podcast: Radiant Resilience, where powerful stories of resilience turned to radiance are shared so listeners can think: "Hey! If they can do it, I can do it, too." Tune in on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to hear how individuals transformed their lives, and how you can do it, too.

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